Head Radical Graphene XT MPA

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Head Radical Graphene XT MPA

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Head size: 98 sq in

Weight (strung): 11 oz

Length: 27 in

String pattern: 16x19

Stiffness: 65

Grip Size:
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With their revolutionary Adaptive String Pattern, Head adds some serious spin to one of the game's great modern player's racquets. This updated version of the Radical Midplus features interchangeable grommets at 3 and 9 o’clock, allowing the player to select a 16x19 string pattern or a 16x16 string pattern (for added bite and extra spin potential). Head also updates this racquet with the latest generation of Graphene (called Graphene XT). The result is a racquet with an even more optimal distribution of weight to the grip and tip. Like its predecessor this racquet is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who want a very maneuverable players racquet with a high level of precision on full swings. With the option for a super grippy 16x16 string pattern, this stick can not only rip heavy topspin from the baseline but it also has more pop and comfort than prior generations of the Radical. Players looking for a little more feedback and directional control can go with the 16x19 string pattern - an option that still provides plenty of spin potential. At net the Radical Midplus is fast enough for reaction volleys while also offering above average stability for its weight class. Aggressive servers will appreciate the easy targeting, and there's ample power and spin to be had for those who crank up the tip speed. With this racquet, Head adds a whole new chapter to its vaunted Radical line. The Adaptive String Pattern provides truly impressive versatility, making this stick suitable to a wide range of intermediate and advanced ball strikers.