Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP


Head Graphene Touch Extreme MP


Head size: 100 sq in

Weight (strung): 11.2 oz

Length: 27 in

String pattern: 16x19

Stiffness: 64

Grip Size:
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Head makes big changes to the Extreme MP but keeps the phenomenal blend of power, precision and spin of past generations. Made for aggressive players who like to attack the ball, this modern player's racquet is updated with Graphene Touch, the most comfortable and dampened version of Head's polarized weight system. It also has wider string spacing than the previous generation, making it decidedly more spin friendly. At 11.2 strung, this stick boasts raw speed, but it also packs a big enough swingweight to get the ball moving through the court. This model is built with Head's new 360 Grommet system, which utilizes larger, funnel shaped grommets to promote greater string movement. The result, according to Head, is a stringbed that not only absorbs more shock but also delivers greater dwell time, snapback and power. Head also improves the feel with a thinner 21mm throat section, giving this racquet better touch on droppers and shorter strokes. From the baseline, the Graphene Touch Extreme MP will help you dictate action with pace and spin. It is particularly well-suited to those who like hitting heavy, spin loaded balls that drop hard and explode off the court. At net this stick feels fast and solid. Block volleys penetrate backcourt, and there's more than enough pop for finishing points with authority. Aggressive servers who can get this racquet moving fast will find the needed spin and power to force some very weak replies. On service returns the Extreme MP not only has enough mass for counterpunching big first serves, but it should also give you the tools to punish anything in your wheelhouse. With some impressive tweaks to the feel and power, this version of the Extreme is ideal for any player who wants a fast and stable racquet that crushes the ball.