Head Graphene Touch Speed MP

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Head Graphene Touch Speed MP


Head size: 100 sq in

Weight (strung): 11.2 oz

Length: 27 in

String pattern: 16x19

Stiffness: 64

Grip Size:
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Head adds another chapter to the Speed MP, a racquet that delivers easy acceleration and controllable power to a wide range of intermediate and advanced players. This iteration of the Speed MP comes with Graphene Touch, the latest and most comfortable version of Head’s polarized weight system. With the introduction of a softer polymer to the racquet's composition, the Graphene Touch Speed MP offers impressive vibration dampening along with a smooth and muted feel on off-center hits. From the baseline this racquet's light 11.2 weight and headlight balance translate into a fast and easy swinging racquet. Factor in the excellent control and the result is a stick that will let you take massive cuts at the ball when adding pace and spin. Although the Speed MP lacks the knock-out power of Head's Extreme series, our playtesters were impressed with how easy it was to keep their biggest swings on target. At net the Speed MP comes around very easy to deliver impressive stability and control for a light player’s racquet. The speedy feel is also an asset on serve where this stick explodes through contact and delivers enough accuracy for aggressive targeting. This racquet’s combination of maneuverability and control should work very well for a wide range of intermediate and advanced players. The dampened feel should please comfort seekers.